We are amazed by the web, its technologies and applications and want to share our passion with others. That is why we are looking for interested partners from research and practice, who would like to join-in the discussion and development of ideas.


In our work, we research, develop and teach in the area of web-based technologies and practice-oriented applications. We are focussing on both: the traditional technologies as well as new developments e.g., virtual or augmented reality - coming up on the horizon of our discipline. Finding solutions to concrete problems is thereby our major goal.

In our work, we are covering the whole development process, from the elicitation and analysis of requirements, the actual development up to the validation of software products in the context of their actual use.


As a platform for research, we are in close contact with partners from practice as well as other research facilities and pool expertise from computer science, information systems, digital business, process management, data science and others.


As a platform for teaching, we want to share our experience with interested people. We are hosting two practice-oriented majors: 'Web Business & Technology' (Full time Bachelor) und 'Web Communication & Information Systems' (Part time Master).