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Elective Subject Abroad: Business Studies

level of course unit


Learning outcomes of course unit

Graduates are able to:
- describe and apply basic concepts and methods of business studies.
- describe and apply detailed concepts and contexts of business studies.
- critically evaluate and question methods and concepts of business studies.
- apply and analyze methods and concepts of business studies when tackling questions from the field of information technology and the web.

prerequisites and co-requisites

Successfully completed courses of the previous semester

course contents

In order to ensure students’ freedom of choice, no generally valid module description can and shall be given of the semester abroad due to the variety of partner higher education institutions and their options to choose from within the field of economy. The course content is based on the fundamentals as well as the consolidation of the individual disciplines in the field of business studies.
If needed, the individual’s performance is translated from national credits into ECTS credits. The respective partner higher education institution’s examination procedures are to be applied for students.
To be followed are a few examples of possible subject areas:
- organizational management
- accounting
- controlling
- sales sector, marketing and corporate communications
- strategic management
- business management
- procurement, production and logistics
- Business IT
- e-commerce & e-business
- information management
Below are a few examples of appropriate courses that are elective subjects to be chosen by the students at the partner higher education institution University of Southern Denmark (http://www.sdu.dk) in Denmark. The course descriptions are taken from the online information provided by the respective higher education institutions and are subject to their copyright. In this context they only serve as an example of appropriate courses in the respective elective subject at one of FH Kufstein’s partner higher education institutions.

Course Marketing Management (X-MAM1-UO2)
Source (as of 11/2014, shortened) http://fagbesk.sam.sdu.dk/study/fagbasen/fagbesk.shtml?fag_id=24977&lang=uk
The course Marketing Management aims equipping students to act in a market-oriented company whose success is largely dependent on a good understanding of the respective consumer markets (B2C) and professional markets (B2B).
The overall purpose is to give students insight into how products and services are demanded in modern society and to understand and use this insight to independently identify and solve marketing problems of importance to the company's or organization's management decisions.
A part of the course is preparation of the report. The report is a part of the exam.
The report shall deal with a market launch of a product or service. In this report the students should conduct an appropriate analysis of the situation of the market and then prepare a marketing strategy. The subject of the market introduction must be approved by the teacher. Approval criteria for the subject are based on the development of a problem formulation that motivates both theory choice as well as the company used as empirical support.

Course Organization & Management (X-ORG1-UO2)
Source (as of 11/2014, shortened) http://fagbesk.sam.sdu.dk/study/fagbasen/fagbesk.shtml?fag_id=24978&lang=uk
This course will include general theories and models for reducing uncertainty in organizational and management decision making processes. The course will be based on the idea that managerial and organizational decision making relies on both structural and social elements.

recommended or required reading

- Bächle, Michael; Lehmann, Frank: E-Business.- Oldenbourg, 2010
- Hippner, Hajo; Wilde, Klaus: Grundlagen des CRM.- Gabler, 2004.
- Krcmar, H., Informationsmanagement. Springer: Berlin et al., 2009

assessment methods and criteria

Are defined by the respective partner higher education institution

language of instruction

Are defined by the respective partner higher education institution

number of ECTS credits allocated


planned learning activities and teaching methods

Are defined by the respective partner higher education institution

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


course-hours-per-week (chw)


name of lecturer(s)

Director of Studies

year of study


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type of course unit

Elective course

mode of delivery

Structure, consolidation

work placement(s)

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