WEBTA – Institute for Web Technologies & Applications


We looking for interested partners from research and practice, who would like to join-in the discussion and development of ideas. We offer partners from business and other fields a range of options for cooperation. Among these are guided projects with experienced students, cooperations in the context of Bachelor's and Master's thesis, guided internships or other forms of advanced research cooperations.

New perspectives and innovative solutions

Through our independent view from outside, we can offer new perspectives on existing challanges. As we are close to the latest developments in our field, we can offer innovative solutions. Beyond this, we have our own laboratory for mobile and web-based technologies, wherefore we are technologically independent.

Possible forms of cooperation

We are happy to assist you with your implementation project by contributing our long-year experience from different areas.

  • Conception & Consultancy
  • Technology Selection
  • Feasability Analysis
  • Evalutation & Testing

Project samples

The list below gives an overview of possible ways of cooperation. The projects which are named here are only samples. You can find more information on that in our Partner Program Folder.

  • Development of an application in the context of augmented reality that applies Googles Glass in the context of a regional industry partner
  • Conception and development of a mobile audo-visual application for the Historic Castle of Kufstein
  • Feasability evaluation and conception of a mobile application for a medium-size company in the context of e-tourism
  • Enrichment of the functionality of a website of a local tourism association by supporting interactive features and video embedding
  • Conception and implementation of a several web-based applications supporting sport events
  • Implementation of a web-based application that is used for scenario calculation in the context of a large automotive company

Download WEBTA Partner Program Folder