WEBTA – Institute for Web Technologies & Applications


In teaching, we are striving for giving students a profound insight into the web, its technologies and concrete applications. We set great value upon the practical value of our teaching. The figure below is intended to give an overview of the covered learning fields and is explained below.


On the technology side, we are focusing on the creative design of new web-based systems and mobile applications. Here, we cover exiting new developments such as virtual or augmented reality. At the same time, we also keep an eye on the aspects of actual system implementation in the form of software engineering. Here, students learn about current technologies and frameworks, such as agile or object-oriented development and program their own applications from frontend to backend.

On the business side, we are focusing on the question how web-based technologies can be used to solve real-life business needs. Here, students learn how to identify business needs and how to approach possible solutions.

We set great value upon combining business application and technology. We thing that good web-based and mobile application can only be developed if user demands are well understood and technology is mastered down to a fine art. Our graduates are ready to take this challenge.

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